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hannster asked: Hello!! A fellow UofT student here, I also applied for exchange to Korea for the winter semester and was wondering what the interview process was like, thanks!

I’ve talked to a few other people who also when through the application process and we all agree that the interview process was quite easy. First, you wait in a room where other students are waiting to be called in for their interview. Once you’re called in, you have a seat in front of a few International Officers who ask you some pretty typical questions- “Why do you plan on going on the exchange? What are you expecting to learn overseas that cannot be learned at U of T?” etc. It was maybe 10-15 minutes long. You could prepare for it but honestly, if you have a good resume, can answer their questions confidently without seeming like all you’re gonna do overseas is to party, then you’re fine. However, I’m very experienced in interviews in general so I might be a little biased. If you have little experience in interviews, then definitely practice out loud instead of just thinking about what you’re gonna say.

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→ A desperate part of me

Just wants idols in music or TV to be normal, everyday people, and not part of some exclusive, spotlighted world that is nearly impossible to join and just as difficult to live through. I know it’s selfish, but I see these incredible people- hardworking, funny, smart, playful- and I just want to KNOW them so badly. I don’t mean with thousands of screaming fans around me or through a piece of technology, just ME. But this world they’re in doesn’t allow that, and that’s why I wish they weren’t famous, so it would be. Don’t we all want that?

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